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The aim of our architectural proposals is a humanistic approach via the coupling of tastefulness and usability, without any extreme architectural choices. The design of the building adapted to human scale, without exaggerations, creates a warm, cosy place.

Emphasis is paid on the surroundings in combination with the use of water and green elements, because of the reflections (of water and big glass surfaces) delusions concerning the real boundaries of the spaces and the way one penetrates to the other.

The simple architectural choices and the avoidance to use extensive historic and parochial elements, gives a result with its own character integrated into today. Special client’s preferences may decisively affect the design and the operational organisation of the house’s spaces.

Based on a long-term survey conducted on owners of holiday homes, the most important criteria for purchasing such homes were:

Genecon Real Estate Greece has a competitive edge in relation to these important criteria because:

PRICE: Genecon Real Estate Greece is unbeatable for value and offers the best value for money. Right from the outset when you fill in the Personal Land Finder form you have access to the plots available in the area you want, giving you comparable data and information such as: price, size, area, sea view, distance from the coast. This puts you in the position to acquire the best plot at the most advantageous price, while at the same time you will be informed about the total cost of the construction from the outset.

The advantages offered when you buy a house from the plans are unique. That is because the price is FIXED at the outset and there are no ‘hidden’ charges. By the time the construction is completed 12 months later the purchaser will certainly have gained a 15% benefit due to the constant increase in the cost of materials.

Repayment is gradual, reflecting the progress of work enabling the purchaser to make better financial plans and also offering him a safeguard.

ACQUIRE YOUR HOME ALMOST TAX FREE because no land transfer tax (VAT 19%) is payable on the overall value of the property as is the case when properties are conveyed because we build on a plot you have already acquired.

Having a home built directly by the builder from the drawings is the most advantageous solution and that is the reason why increasing numbers of purchasers, who appreciate the benefits offered, are opting for it.

DESIGN: It is easy to understand that choosing to buy from the drawings is unique since you get to design your dream home, just as you imagined it, in collaboration with a team of experienced architects. Even if you haven't imagined your dream home, we will give you a wide range of choices so you can choose the ideal one for you both in terms of design and materials.

Interior design and décor advice, from our skilled interior designers, is optional.

Genecon Real Estate Greece proposes holiday home designs (Genecon Houses 2009) which have a definite architectural style and are ergonomic.

In choosing this option, purchasers receive a price breakdown and a schedule of works so that they have an overall picture of the total budget and implementation schedule, plus they also receive a series of photorealistic renderings of the interior and exterior.

SEA VIEW: In the country with the longest coastline in the Mediterranean (16,000 km) finding a plot is Genecon’s business.

After filling out the Personal Land Finder form you have access to the largest database with more than 5,000 plots and the search starts completely free of charge.

EASY ACCESS: Latest market research shows that purchasers prefer their holiday homes to be near Athens (up to 2 hours by boat or road) because the El. Venizelos International Airport has daily connections to all European capitals and with many other cities both in and out of Europe.

A short trip from the airport to the holiday home keeps the cost of travel and the overall travel time down. This makes it feasible to use the holiday home even for weekends.

Genecon Real Estate Greece can build your dream home anywhere, but is obliged to present you with the most advantageous solution.

QUALITY: Most materials used in building your home are ISO certified, while the overall building is photographed in detail during all stages and these photographs are delivered to you in the end so you have proof of the quality of your home.

The 5-year written guarantee provided by our company demonstrates the excellent quality of our builds.



The range of services is tailored to the needs of a demanding vacation home purchaser looking for the implementation of a luxurious residence with personal design choices, in the area of his choice, without any mingling in the bureaucratic and construction procedure.