A number of companies present real-estate properties at current market prices without extensive ownership-urban planning check or forensic analysis on the investment perspectives.

GENECON DEVELOPMENT offers everything: real property selections at great prices for every budget, development prospects based on current legislation, feasibility studies, architecture design and, lastly, full implementation.

2. Is the timing right?

Due to the current financial conditions Greece has already recorded significant price drop and big opportunities have surfaced. The environment is more than propitious for safe and profitable possibilities.

3. Greece is a country with complex licensing procedures – bureaucracy; how will I cope with those obligations?

GENECON and its team of highly experienced professionals (lawyers, notaries, engineers, accountants-tax experts, etc.) are handling all procedures and undertake everything, from filing procedures and acquisitions to construction and even management (optional).

Important steps to simplify the licensing procedures have been taken through the establishment of the Ministry of Investments in September 2010 to drastically cut down the required time (Fast-track procedures are already adopted).

4. Can I invest in Greece capital without disclosing the origin?

After passage of Law 3842/2010 in the context of stimulating foreign investments in Greece, capital may be transferred in Greece without disclosing its origin, at 2.5% taxation, as long as it is invested in a construction project.