The Company

GENECON DEVELOPMENT is a dynamic development/construction company specializing in providing one-stop services and turnkey solutions for development projects and vacation residences all around Greece. The long involvement of the company and its associates in the design and construction of hotels, large settlements, luxurious residences, vacation home communities and apartment buildings enables us to offer integrated services specifically tailored to the need of each potential purchaser - investor.

GENECON DEVELOPMENT provides services which include: A) spotting exclusive land plots for development, as well as hotel units all over Greece depending on chosen type of investment, B) the design, licensing and construction by using the latest construction methods and always taking into consideration the environmental parameters of the project (certification with ISO 14001 by Bureau Veritas), C) the project management, leasing and maintenance per investor’s request upon completion. Investors or individuals may thus have all types of projects developed in Greece, without getting tied down in bureaucratic procedures or in the project implementation.

Key aspect of all the projects we undertake is forging firm ties with local communities-competent authorities, in order to ensure their cooperation and smooth completion of the project, always within agreed deadlines.

GENECON DEVELOPMENT has established a broad network of partners abroad (investment companies, real-estate agencies, etc.), mainly in Europe and Russia.