Big Hotel Units

Greece forms part of the leading tourist destinations in the world not only due to its vast history, its ancient civilization, its unparalleled archaeological wealth, but also to its unique islands, the most extended coastline in the Mediterranean. The coastal lot selections for the construction of hotel units are multiple, and the best ones are presented to the potential investors with alternative ways of exploitation, after detailed feasibility and development studies conducted by special associates of our company. Suite hotels (luxurious coastal 5* hotels featuring two-room suites 33-55 sq m) constitute the top choice, because there is high demand and high returns, since there are only a few currently and are targeted to a public that requires extra comfort and luxury. This public is not affected by the economic crisis, as far as their vacation is concerned, and does not make decisions on purely economic criteria about them.

There is still available unexploited coastal land for this type of hotel units accompanied by a ready development study at affordable.

Such projects may be included under the new development law through subsidy or tax exemptions.