Success Philosophy

Our company is involved in the building construction in an innovative way, by maximizing the investment yield through by locating the property at base rate*. Thus, the investment high return from the beginning is established.

This is achieved thanks to the targeted selections of occasion properties after unfailing search into the Greek real-estate market, which, in combination with the multiannual experience and know-how enables us to present alternative smart ways of development, in order to select the best one.

The above specialization, in combination with the right timing, which is a key parameter for a successful investment, leads to top returns.

Greece is one of the main tourist destinations globally, with its unparalleled islands offering multiple investment opportunities due to the economic crisis and we are proposing the best amongst them.

Quotations by some experts:

Donald Trump: big fortunes can be built at times when the economy is in crisis, as long as you spot and exploit the opportunities.

Professor Nouriel Roubini (the only one who forecast the 2008 economic crisis two years in advance):

During the economic crisis, the property prices will go down by 30% (statement at a New York university, in February 2010).

* BASE RATE: the lowest rate per sq m of property with similar characteristics in the area.