The following steps are essential to assure the purchaser in good time that his purchase is sound from a legal and planning perspective and to ensure that the right choice of land and architectural design is made.

The following services are in fact provided FREE OF CHARGE since their cost is deducted from the first repayment which is made when the building contract is signed.

These steps are as follows:

  1. The Personal Land Finder form is filled out and sent.
  2. You receive a reply to your from within 7 days giving you specific plot options and prices and a rough costing of the building you have requested.
  3. On-site visits to view the actual plots.
  4. Planning checks and title deed searches before the plot is purchased to ensure that the purchaser has written assurance.
  5. Power of attorney is granted to a lawyer to handle legal and taxation issues such as obtaining a tax registration number in Greece which is essential for a contract to be signed.
  6. The preferred building is designed in collaboration with the company’s architectural team and a choice is made of materials, colours, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, flooring, etc. Photorealistic plans are presented to purchasers to ensure that they better understand the details of the building.
  7. The plot purchase agreement and building contract are signed with the company.


  • 3: € 150 per day for providing a skilled associate with car. The cost of plane or bat tickets and accommodation (if needed) is payable by the potential purchaser.
  • 4-5-6: After the preferred plot is selected, a private agreement is signed and the sum of €3,000 is paid for services 4, 5 and 6 which is deducted from the first repayment once building contract is signed.