Large villages (investment capital from € 10 to € 100 million)

Building large village-style complexes has been the leading choice over recent years for leading investors, and has generated the respective benefits for them. These complexes resemble luxury coastal villages with all the amenities such as supermarkets, cafes, taverns, swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts and football pitches, gyms, and so on. A major advantage is that these complexes combine the freedom offered by a detached home with the amenities of a luxury complex.

Several such villages are already at the design or build stage across all of Greece, and all have their viability guaranteed since the invested capital has been depreciated from the sale of around 50% of the homes.

Coastal areas over 50,000 sq.m. can be acquired at particularly low per sq.m. prices due to their size and the land use, and following legislation enacted in recent years such areas can also be built on provided they fall within specific zones with tourism development prospects, and of course after an environmental study is prepared.

A major benefit of such an investment comes from the large volume of works carried out and materials required, with the result that the discounts offered by work crews for their work and suppliers for their materials can reach up to 40% of the normal price. These advantages clearly demonstrate why large investors are turning towards building such villages, which offer a secure investment in real estate coupled with discounted high profits from the purchase of land and the build.

Our company has various plots to present suitable for this purpose and has all the information about the special licensing procedure which must be followed for such projects.

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Preveza Village

The said area is about 455 hectares and belongs to the “Co-proprietors society Tarana Krapsiti”, Municipality of Preveza.

Program Figures

The project in question concerns the construction of a hamlet which will comprise residences, central and welfare functions for the service of everyday needs of the inhabitants, as well as free spaces to play, work out, rest, for cultural activities and green.

The town planning area is of 453.174,33 sq.m. (45,32 hectares). According to the suggested planning, constructible spaces destined to become residences occupy an area of 244.800 sq.m., corresponding to 54% of the total surface.

Distribution table of Land Uses

Land uses Surface (sq.m.)
Road network 86.651,08
Green spaces 12.561,47
Footpaths – public places 58.593,74
Parking areas 1.729,46
Block of houses (residence) 244.800,00
Sports facilities 29.327,67
Playgrounds 4.531,60
Cultural 4.968,14
Education – social welfare 2.029,69
Commerce – recreation – administration 1.558,94
Square 3.378,12
Recreation 3.044,42
Total 453.174,33

Konstantinos Tasinikos
Civil Engineer
Politecnico Di Milano