Boutique Hotels (investment capital from € 3 to € 10 million)

Comfort, elegance, a great atmosphere, discreteness, and individuality are just some of the features of boutique hotels.

The services they offer (spa, gourmet food, art) coupled with the exceptional quality and luxury of their design give such hotels a cutting edge. Hotels in this category are designed to immediately satisfy customers by providing a relaxing environment. The warm atmosphere coupled with excellent service allows guests to feel special and not just an impersonal room number along a long hotel corridor.

It is no coincidence that such hotels are constantly attracting increasing numbers of top class guests who are demanding yet willing to pay over the odds for satisfaction. Research in the USA has shown that the annual increase in turnover for boutique hotels was 14% compared to 4% for classic, expensive hotels and the occupancy rate for boutique hotels outstripped that of classic hotels, reaching 74%.

The particular attention to the interiors of boutique hotels requires a small capital sum compared to the overall investment and generates comparative advantages compared to classic hotels. Boutique hotels stand out for their great style and their more cost dimensions (up to 50 rooms), which keeps the cost of acquiring the land and building them down, and makes our investment proposal all the more attractive.

A range of design options and interiors are offered by our company in virtual renderings and lay the foundations for the successful outcome of what is an extremely demanding design project.