Holiday Home Complex (investment capital from € 1 to € 5 million)

Investment opportunities in Greece, especially in the tourism sector, are numerous and are favoured by Greece’s long coastline and the extensive number of plots close to beaches of outstanding beauty.

Data from recent years shows that 100% of holiday homes in Greece ranging from 80 m2 to 160 m2 are let over the summer months and for quite a few months during the rest of the year. The rapid growth in demand for letting is due to the lost cost of accommodation, food and a sense of autonomy and independence which only a house can offer.

High rents coupled with advances for bookings paid months beforehand ensure a safe, profitable investment outcome. Annual rents are considerable, ensuring that the depreciation period for the capital invested is shorter than that for any other property investment.

The flexibility and security offered by investments of this sort are unique given that it is possible to sell off individual homes within the complex ensuring rapid liquidity. Genecon Real Estate Greece has a team of skilled legal, tax and accounting experts who will offer their support for the investment being made. After the project is completed, the company also offers the option of maintaining and managing letting of the complex.

The steady rise in the value of properties in Greece (by 10-15% per year) coupled with the outstanding investment security offered by placing capital in real estate and the high rents makes it impossible to draw any comparisons with similar risk investments such as deposits, bonds, fixed yield mutual funds or gold.