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Thumb_pen01 THE PENINSULA - TOTAL SURFACE 15,7 HECTARES More Location: Ionian Price: €45,000,000 •The project is, already, underway. There is no need to wait for the planning. •Fast track procedures are implemented •17% annual return •All investors from outside the EU can be automatically granted a residence permit in Greece and the EU •C... Thumb_camera%202 HOTEL ON CRETE ISLAND - (A) More Location: Crete Price: €11,250,000 1. DESCRIPTION 3* Hotel unit with 8.542 sq.m. building facilities on a 28.597 sq.m. seaside plot, 605 sq.m. pool and 900 sq.m. pool area with a sea view. Number of Rooms: 128 Number of Beds : 261 2. SERVICESRecreational activities accommod... Thumb_pan3 UNIQUE CAPE OF 15,7 HA IN THE IONIAN SEA - (A) More Location: Ionian Unique cape of 15,7 Hectares in the Ionian sea, western Greece, a high-end destination in the Mediterranean. The cape is opposite to the marvelous islands of Lefkada and Meganissi, as well as a complex of private island, including Skorpios island ... Thumb_thomas%2024 N.W. CORFU, HOTEL OF 2,400 SQ.M. - (A) More Location: Corfu Price: €2,300,000 Hotel consisting of 52 rooms/120 beds of a total 2,400 sq.m. buildings' area, within a plot of 4,000 sq.m. It is situated in a touristic part of exquisite beauty in the northwest of Corfu, just 150-200m. away from one of the most renowned, sandy b... Thumb_samos_hotel_(1) SAMOS ISL, HOTEL OF 600 SQ.M. WITH SEA VIEW - (A) More Location: Samos Price: €380,000 Hotel of 600 sq.m. with nice sea view at just 100 meters from the beach and at 10 km. from Samos airport. The hotel consists of 17 rooms (15 operating and 2 personnel rooms) in 3 floors. It was built in 1988 and is in good condition.. Sold at the... Thumb_%ce%a7%cf%89%cf%81%ce%af%cf%82%20%cf%84%ce%af%cf%84%ce%bb%ce%bf KALAMOS ISLAND, WATERFRONT LAND OF 50,000 SQ.M. - (A) More Location: Ionian Price: €400,000 Watefront land of 50,000 sq.m. on Kalamos island, a lush island with crystal clear waters at close distance from Lefkada island in the Ionian sea. The island is a pole for yachters and high-net-worth individuals from around the globe. Due to its ... Thumb_dsc00704 PELOPONNESE, MONEMVASIA, UNIQUE WATERFRONT PLOT OF 4.975 SQ.M. - (Α) More Location: Peloponnese Price: €170,000 Unique waterfront plot 4.975 sq.m. facing the famous Monemvasia castle. The area is a pole for European tourists and permanent residents (Germans, Swiss, British). Building potential of a 940 sq.m. hotel. ΝΟΤΕ: The plot's price was sharply reduc... Thumb_dscn0804 CORFU, COMMERCIAL COMPLEX - (A) More Location: Corfu Price: €550,000 Commercial complex for sale consisting of: 1 / Restaurant - Cafe bar - Grill 2 / Rooms for rent 3 / Bus 4 / Tourism information office The tourist business is situated in N.W of Corfu at just two minutes from the beach. It a peaceful place id... Thumb_%ce%a7%cf%89%cf%81%ce%af%cf%82%20%cf%84%ce%af%cf%84%ce%bb%ce%bf2 CYCLADES, IOS, WATERFRONT LAND OF 41.000 SQ.M. - (A) More Location: Ios Price: €4,000,000 Waterfront land of 41.000 sq.m. on Ios island, renowned for its marvelous beaches, crystal-clear waters and vibrant nightlife. The land is right in the entrance of the island's sea port and has endless view of the sea, which makes it ideal for th... Thumb_dsc_0293 RHODES, LARDOS, WATERFRONT LAND OF 65,000 SQ.M. - (A) More Location: Rhodes Price: €10,500,000 In a fantastic, tourism developed area of Rhodes (next to 5* hotels) and just 15 min. from Lindos, waterfront plot of 65,000 sq.m. with construction permit for a 5* three-level Hotel of 13,258 sq.m. The plot belongs to an S.A. company (low taxatio... Thumb_img_6306_lead PELOPONNESE, KARDAMYLI, DEVELOPMENT OF A 4* HOTEL WITH APPROVED SUBSIDY - (Α) More Location: Peloponnese Price: €2,700,000 In a plot of 6,290 sq.m. with four operating furnished tourist apartments, the following investment is proposed: Development of a 4* Hotel with furnished apartments of 1,400 sq.m. total area, consisting of 27 two-bed and three-bed  apartments (bed... Thumb_1%20%ce%9c%cf%80%ce%bf%cf%8d%ce%ba%ce%b1%cf%81%ce%b7%cf%82%20%ce%bc%ce%b5%20%ce%ba%cf%8d%ce%ba%ce%bb%ce%bf CORFU, BOUKARIS, SEASIDE PLOT INCLUDING A HOTEL UNIT IN THE STAGE OF THE CONCRETE FRAME - (A) More Location: Corfu Price: €1,750,000 In the south of unique Corfu island, on a lush slope within olive and cypress groves with great sea view (at just 50 meters from the shore), a land plot of 25,000 sq.m. is given for sale. Within it there are 2,000sq.m. of hotel buildings in the st... Thumb_1%20barbati2 CORFU, BARBATI, PLOT OF 12.526 SQ.M. WITH MARVELOUS SEA VIEW- (A) More Location: Corfu Price: €280,000 Plot of 12,526 sq.m. with great sea view within a district full of trees and near to city of Corfu. There is a possibility of 2,505 sq.m. building construction for a Hotel Unit. Thumb_50 PELOPONNESE, ITILO, STONE HOTEL OF 2,000 SQ.M. ON THE SEA FRONT - (A) More Location: Peloponnese Price: €4,320,000 Traditional, stone hotel right on the beach in Itilo, one of the most picturesque villages of Mani region, in southern Peloponnese. The hotel consists of 20 double-bed and three-bed rooms (36 beds in total), a restaurant and a bar. Total hotel are... Thumb_dsc_0056_plot CRETE, CHANIA, UNIQUE WATERFRONT LAND OF 16,000 SQ.M. - (A) More Location: Crete Price: €1,900,000 Close to the city of Chania, the airport and the port, a unique waterfront plot of 16,000 sq.m. with astonishing view, next to a sandy beach. Ideal for the creation of Boutique-hotel of 3.200 sq.m. total area.