Antiseismic Constructions with Full Massive Concrete Technology

Small_01%20concrete%20en Genecon Development is the only company in Greece providing the highest achievable antiseismic protection by constructing compact buildings with FULL MASSIVE CONCRETE technology (construction of walls and building frame from reinforced concrete), using high quality tools and techniques. These structures are characterized by high seismic protection and excellent cosmetic result, with great flexibility in architectural design. Please note that these are not prefabricated houses, since all work is done on site, achieving maximum performance of all materials used to avoid potential failures.

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Use of Nanotechnology for Maximum Energy Efficiency

Small_02%20nansulate%20en The use of new material technologies by Genecon Development can enhance the energy efficiency of buildings. Heat loss is prevented with the use of nanotechnology materials for interior and exterior paint coating, internal insulation with Dow and rock wool. By using these materials, energy consumption can be reduced by 30% to 40% compared to conventional constructions.  

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Custom Architectural Design based on your preferences

Small_04%20custom%20design%20all The architectural team of Genecon Development is at your disposal to build your home according to your own personal preferences and depending on the area of your choice (Personal Land Finder). Our extensive experience in architectural approach and highlighting the environmental features of each region ensures smooth co-operation leading to the desired results. The collaboration of our architectural team with the client in order to achieve the architectural development of the building and the surrounding area ensures a high standard of living.

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Small_plf%20button%2001 The lot selection across Greece is conducted through the pioneer PERSONAL LAND FINDER scheme Please complete the innovative form which can search for a property and estimate the construction cost. You will have your answer within seven (7) days, having suggested properties selected and the construction cost already estimated, according to the incompetable Genecon standards.

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Investment Management - Creating wealth through intelligent property investment- Villas Income Program, V.I.P.

Small_vip%20button%2001 The investment management helps property touristic investors of hotels and settlements in their quest to locate the very best investment opportunities currently available in the most emerging market worldwide, GREECE. All discerning property investors realize the importance of taking advantage of the most lucrative real estate opportunities as soon as they arise, before they become common knowledge. The investment management also helps the investor in every step after the completion of the project with advisory, management and maintenance as the needs arise.   Villas Income Program V.I.P ...

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