Design and licensing of a super-luxury villa of 1.000 sq.m.

Small_b1 The design and licensing of a super-luxury villa of 1.000 sq.m. total surface within a 4.000 sq.m. land plot was executed in the beginning of November 2013 by GENECON DEVELOPMENT. As a prototype of the above villa was used Villa V2 by GENECON DEVELOPMENT all initial architectural plans were modified by the architectural team of Genecon Development to fully match the needs of our client.

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Incentives for investors/buyers in Greece

In mid-April 2013 a new Development law was voted in Greece, which sets "One-stop services" for investors, raises bureaucratic restrictions and abolishes the need for multiple licenses hence replaced by a Multi-license. For investors and their close partners a long-term residence permit is also given. Apart from the above, for property buyers outside EE of minimum 250.000€ and over a residence permit of 5 years is automatically handed, which is renewable after the five years for as long as the property remains in their ownership.   Besides from the above, with EE funds all licensing, con...

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GENECON DEVELOPMENT at the International TLV EXPO (Tel-Aviv, 1-2 November)

Small_dsc_0071 GENECON DEVELOPMENT participated with success in the first International Real Estate-Investment Trade Fair TLV EXPO, which will was held at 1-2 November 2011 in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Private investors and investment companies, real-estate agencies and sole byers interested in acquiring a vacation Villa abroad flocked to TLV EXPO, which, in addition, received an extensive coverage in the Israeli medias. In our stand we presented current, major Investment proposals in the tourism field in Greece (Developments of Hotel units and Villa complexes, Hotels for sale, big Plots for tou...

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Our company at the International “Property 2011” trade fair (Athens)

Small_stand GENECON DEVELOPMENT participated in the 4th International Real Estate trade fair “Property 2011”, which was held from 18 to 20 March 2011 at the Fair & Conference center HELEXPO PALACE in Kifisias avenue, Marousi Athens. In our stand, which was highly praised by the visitors and the rest of the exhibitors, we presented some of the most profitable and secure investment opportunities in the hotel sector. Moreover, we examined ways of a secure capital investment with regard to clients’ prospect bioclimatic and completely antiseismic house, using innovative construction solutions and tech...

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