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Thumb_adiparos%201 CYCLADES, ANTIPAROS, PLOT OF 1.000 SQ.M. WITH SEA VIEW - (A) More Lage: Antiparos Price: €80,000 Privileged, bargain-price plot of 1.000 sq.m. with sea view in the marvelous Antiparos island, at 1.000 meters from the beach. Building potential of 300 sq.m. Villa. Thumb_dsc00704 PELOPONNESE, MONEMVASIA, UNIQUE WATERFRONT PLOT OF 4.975 SQ.M. - (Α) More Lage: Peloponnese Price: €170,000 Unique waterfront plot 4.975 sq.m. facing the famous Monemvasia castle. The area is a pole for European tourists and permanent residents (Germans, Swiss, British). Building potential of 250 sq.m. villa. ΝΟΤΕ: The plot's price was sharply reduced... Thumb_%ce%a7%cf%89%cf%81%ce%af%cf%82%20%cf%84%ce%af%cf%84%ce%bb%ce%bf KALAMOS ISLAND, WATERFRONT LAND OF 50,000 SQ.M. - (A) More Lage: Ionian Price: €400,000 Watefront land of 50,000 sq.m. on Kalamos island, a lush island with crystal clear waters at close distance from Lefkada island in the Ionian sea. The island is a pole for yachters and high-net-worth individuals from around the globe. Due to its ... Thumb_dsc_0548 CORFU, AG. STEFANOS, PLOT OF 2000 SQ.M. WITH SEA VIEW - (A) More Lage: Corfu Price: €270,000 Privileged plot of 2.000 sq.m. on a peninsula with amazing view of the sea and the beaches of Ag. Stefanos and Arilas in northwestern Corfu. The plot is at 300 meters from the sea and is close to luxury villas. Building potential of 250 sq.m. (&a... Thumb_dsc00523 PELOPONNESE, SOFIKO KORINTHOS, PLOT OF 1,898 SQ.M. WITH SEA VIEW - (A) More Lage: Peloponnese Price: €240,000 Plot of 1,898 sq.m. with sea view in an area with picturesque little bays and wonderful beaches at Sofiko Korinthos, in only 1 & 1/2 hours drive from Athens and very close to ancient Epidaurus. Building potential of a 380 sq.m. villa. Thumb_1%20barbati1 CORFU, BARBATI, PLOT OF 4,610 SQ.M. WITH MARVELOUS SEA VIEW- (A) More Lage: Corfu Price: €140,000 Great plot of 4.610 sq.m. just 30m. away from the sea with a marvelous view and very close to the city of Corfu. Possibility of 500 sq.m. villa construction. Thumb_dsc_0230 RHODES, GENNADI, PLOT OF 1,305 SQ.M. WITH SEA VIEW More Lage: Rhodes Price: €105,000 At 150 m. from the fantastic beach of Gennadi, in a calm area with luxury villas, a plot of 1,305 sq.m. with view to the sea. Villa construction of 250 sq.m. Thumb_dsc_0651 CORFU, UNFINISHED BUILDING OF 350 SQ.M. WITH FANTASTIC SEA VIEW - (A) More Lage: Corfu Price: €380,000 Unfinished building of 350 sq.m. within a 4.000 sq.m. waterfront plot overseeing a sandy beach in northwestern Corfu. The building has two floors and can be turned into a luxury villa, apartments for rent  or a hotel unit according to the wishes o... Thumb_dsc_0056_plot CRETE, CHANIA, 3 WATERFRONT PLOTS - (A) More Lage: Crete Price: €550,000 Near the city of Chania, the airport and the seaport, next to a sandy beach, three separate plots of 5.239 sq.m., 4.814 sq.m. and 5.184 sq.m. with a fantastic view. Each one has a building potential of 220 sq.m. Villa. 1) Plot 5.239 sq.m. Pric... Thumb_dsc_0565 CORFU, AG. STEFANOS, BARGAIN PLOT OF 1.200 SQ.M. WITH SEA VIEW - (A) More Lage: Corfu Price: €90,000 Plot of 1.200 sq.m. at 300 metres from the sea with view of the St. Stefanos beach in NW Corfu. Building potential  of 400 sq.m. Villa. Thumb_plot_all-1 CORINTH PREF., PLOT OF 8,000 SQ.M. WITH AMAZING SEA VIEW - (A) More Lage: Peloponnese Price: €756,000 Unique plot of 8.000 sq.m. with amazing, unimpeded view of the Corinth gulf, at 80 minutes from the International airport of Athens. The plot is on a hill and at 300 m. from the sea, in surroundings with luxury villas. Building potential of a 280... Thumb_l100-3 EUBOEA, EDIPSOS, UNIQUE PLOT OF 16,000 SQ.M. ON THE WATERFRONT - (A) More Lage: Evia Price: €1,000,000 Unique plot of 16.000 sq.m. situated right on the sea front in the north of Euboea, very close to Edipsos and its famous thermal springs (2 & 1/2 hours distance from Athens). The plot can be divided into 4 smaller plots of 4,000 sq.m., each... Thumb_anthony%20queen RHODES, ANTONI QUEEN, 4,028 SQ.M. PLOT WITH SEA VIEW - (A) More Lage: Rhodes Price: €650,000 Plot of 4,028 sq.m. in the most privileged location in Antoni Queen bay, with a great view to the sea and just 3 min. from the beach. It borders a luxury hotel. Building potential of a 200 sq.m. villa. Thumb_imgp3497 SANTORINE, AKROTIRI, PLOT OF 2,400 SQ.M. WITH SEA VIEW - (A) More Lage: Santorini Price: €326,000 Plot of 2,400 the southern part of Santorini, Akrotiri, at 1 km distance from the beach and with a panoramic view to the sea. The plot can be divided into 4 minor plots of 600 sq.m., each one with a building potential of 200 sq.m Villa. I... Thumb_p1060228 CRETE, KOLIMBARI CHANIA, WATERFRONT PLOT OF 1,011 SQ.M. - (A) More Lage: Crete Price: €1,250,000 Waterfront plot of 1,011 sq.m. within the picturesque village of Kolymbari Chania, at 20 minutes distance from the International airport of Chania. The plot is adjacent to 5* hotel units and has a building potential of 400 sq.m. Villa.

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